The Fellowship for Alien Detection

Rating: 3.5 I've been reading a lot of Middle Grade fantasy books lately so I thought it would be good to pick up something different. I picked up sci-fi because that is my second favorite genre. This book is for teens so it didn't have the same excitement as the middle grade books have for … Continue reading The Fellowship for Alien Detection


The Harry Potter Tag

Hey guyz, So icebreaker694 tagged me for the Harry Potter tag that was created by bookidote . Thank you to both 🙂 So let's do this! A BOOK YOU FOUND THE THEME INTERESTING, BUT YOU’D LIKE TO REWRITE IT. The Matched Series   The theme of these books are so good along with the characters but the books are … Continue reading The Harry Potter Tag

Some Bookish Facts About Me

"So many books, so little time.” 1) I prefer hardcovers over paperbacks. They're just so pretty! 2) I hate when people write on books or highlight them! -_- I mean text books are okay; they're made to be write on and highlighted but novels?! I'm sorry but that's just too barbaric. 3) Also I hate … Continue reading Some Bookish Facts About Me