Night Shift



Rating: 5/5 ★

Fear is something we can never escape from. It doesn’t have to be your phobias, it doesn’t have to be the monster under your bed, it doesn’t have to be the things that crawl in the night…
But words are very powerful! They can act as healers or they can act as weapons. And I think Stephen King’s words have a little more impact on me than other authors … I’m still trying to figure that out because I was (and still am) a huge fan of R.L.Stine’s books when I was young and there were stories that were disturbing but they didn’t give me the shivers that the stories in this book did. The stories of this book didn’t scare me or made my teeth chatter but they did keep me awake at night. Also I would like to mention that this was my first Stephen King book.
The first story is named Jerusalem’s Lot. It’s about a man and his friend (or I call him his butler) moving to this new house that has been in his family for generations. Mr. Boone, the owner of the house tells us the whole story in letters that he sends to his friends telling them about the new house and what he and his butler finds along the way. At some point in the story  they discover the faces of his dead ancestors in a wall grinning at him and  they keep on hearing voices in the walls 24/7 assuming they’re rats and although it’s not as scary as it sounds, you’ll keep thinking about that particular moment in a book where the horror parts occurred and it will keep you on your toes (or in this case on the edge of your bed or seat). This story was a little confusing to me because I have still not read King’s book about vampire that has, I strongly feel, something to do with the place mentioned in this story, Jerusalem’s Lot. Even though there’s no any mention of vampires whatsoever, I still feel like it has something to do with that book.

There was a story about psychotic children and honestly I’ve never been more terrified of children; especially I can’t stop thinking about what will happen if we give them weapons.
There was even a story about a Boogeyman. Now you’ll say it’s children’s stuff and I would agree. That Boogeyman did prefer children but trust me, when I say, that once you read that story you will not go to bed unless you’ve checked your closet a hundred times and locked it securely. That was my personal favorite when I was done with it. The way this guy is telling us the story about how his children met their doom because of this particular ‘Boogeyman’ made my blood cold and my heart ache. Also the ending will make your eyes pop.
Not all the stories are horror stories of course but some of them are super disturbing.
Like there’s one about an organization where they threaten to electrocute this man’s wife if he didn’t quite smoking and a story about this company where there were rats so gigantic that they were more than three feet high. Another one is about a man working for NASA who, after a journey around some planets, comes back to Earth and discovers that he is slowly turning into a hateful alien. He literally had eyeballs on his fingers!

I would love to write about each and every story in this book because they were just so outstanding but it will take my whole young adult years, by that time I would’ve read all Stephen King’s books which I’m tempting to after this read. Honestly, if his short stories are this good then I don’t know how much swooning I will do if I read any of his novels. So if you’re into horror, suspense, thriller, paranormal etc. I highly recommend this marvelous book.


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