The Matched Trilogy

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Ratings;    Matched: 4/5 ★ … Crossed: 2/5 ★ … Reached: 3/5 ★

**Small review**

Matched is a dystopian trilogy where a perfect Society is controlled by a bunch of Officers. They decide who the people should marry, how many children they should have, what and how much they should eat and when they should die.

I read Matched in May 2015 and really liked it. I like Cassia even though she can be a pain in the ass sometimes. And her best friends Xander is someone I would love to have as a BFF. There is another guy, Ky, who is a pretty good character but I don’t feel any connection to him like I do to the others. He is one of the main character but throughout the story I felt like he was someone on the side. Maybe because, just when I thought the story was about Cassia and Xander, he came out of nowhere.

The theme of the story is really good. Ally Condie has given us a perfect picture of the dystopian society and how it works. There is less action but the first book is enjoyable nevertheless. And a tiny plot twist in the end is an added bonus.

I read Crossed in August 2015 and this is where things went downhill. And I don’t mean the Society or the people, I mean the story literally gets bad. The way things were in this book, I felt like throwing it against the wall, not because it was giving me a heartache in the good way but it was boring and dull. Boring is a an understatement! It was unbearable! The reason I gave it 2 stars is because we journeyed out of the Society and discovered a few secrets.

I started Reached in 2015, read a few chapters and then put it back on my shelf. I then picked it up in 2016 and repeated the same process. I finally finished it in Jan 2017. This was a little better than Crossed but still dull. Two things saved this book for me: There were chapters from Xander’s POV and there was plague that targeted almost all the people. The whole book is about them finding a cure for everyone. Like every dystopian book there is a revolution but it was too damn dull. I just sat there blinking like an idiot and wondering why there is nobody resisting or the Officials not taking control of anything. There were a lot of useless conversation and not enough action.

I would love to write more about this trilogy but the story is too dull for a long discussion.


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