Some Bookish Facts About Me


“So many books, so little time.”

1) I prefer hardcovers over paperbacks. They’re just so pretty!

2) I hate when people write on books or highlight them! -_- I mean text books are okay; they’re made to be write on and highlighted but novels?! I’m sorry but that’s just too barbaric.

3) Also I hate when people mistreat them in any other way like dog-eared them or crack their spines or bend any pages.

4) My favorite Genre is YA Fantasy.

5) I prefer YA over NA. NA just don’t agree with me.

6) My second favorite genre is YA Dystopian/Sci-Fi. I love the whole end-of-the-world and space stuff πŸ˜€

7) My top favorite book is The Book Thief.Β I used to be insanely in love with Quidditch through the Ages but the awesomeness of The Book Thief was too much. πŸ˜€

8)Β I don’t understand when people say they don’t read or they don’t like to read … I just don’t get those people (like HOW?)

9) My first favorite series is Harry Potter followed by the Percy Jackson series.

10) I used to read a lot of e-books but now I’m more of a physical copy person.

11) Unlike other fangirls or fanboys I’m Β not in love with any fictional character.

12) I don’t have a bookish OTP. I ship all the canon couples equally. But the top ships are: Sadie and Anubis from The Kane Chronicles series, Warner and Juliette from Shatter Me and Nyx and Ignifex from Cruel Beauty.

13) I like to read Middle Grade books too and my favorites are Rick Riordan books and The Land of Stories series.

14) I only have one signed book currently and that is Soul of a Butterfly by Safaa Baig.

15)Β I don’t judge books by their cover, however, I do love pretty covers. The only book I ever judged by its cover was The Giver and even there I wasn’t disappointed.

16)Β The first book I read when I was a kid was Sleeping Beauty.

17)Β I would love to have my own bookstore so I can have plenty of books for myself as well as for others.

18) I like to collect books even if I won’t read them. This is something most people don’t understand Β (like my dad for example) and then they judge me for it which really hurts.

19) Β My top favorite authors are Rick Riordan, James Dashner, Cassandra Clare, Rainbow Rowell, John Green and Stephen King.

20) Β I absolutely adore deckle edges.
***I might add some later :D***

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