The Fellowship of the Ring


Ratings: 4/5

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”

Once again J. R. R. Tolkien hit me with a lot of Middle Earth feels. I was really looking forward to coming back to The Shire after The Hobbit and I did when I reread The Fellowship of the Ring.

Here’s a quick look at the story:

After Bilbo comes home he brings with him a mysterious ring which turns out to be a great ring of power and evil. I don’t know guyz, I really like that ring. Anyway, Bilbo leaves the Ring to his adopted nephew, Frodo and Frodo sets out with his gardener, Sam, two of his cousins, Pippin and Merry, two men, Aragorn and Boromir, a Dwarf named Gimli, an elf named Legolas and of course good old Gandalf the wizard. They set out to go to the enemy’s land in order to destroy the Ring.

It’s astonishing how the whole story occurs because of one tiny piece of jewelry. You’d think Tolkien would’ve chosen something prominent like, I don’t know, Sauron’s personal diary or his sword or something. But I guess, a tiny ring is easy to hide and Tolkien probably didn’t want anyone to read Sauron’s embarrassing entries. The way the company suffers made me think Tolkien was a huge fan of Sauron.

Before you scream at me, I really love Tolkien. I’m very thankful to him for creating Middle-Earth and the four books that I’ve read, I’m very fond of them. I idolize the characters and the plot of his books. I absolutely adore Sam. His loyalty and courage is just something you can’t ignore. And then there is Pippin and Merry; they are funny, adorable and super helpful.

In the beginning of the novel Bilbo is celebrating his one-hundred-and-eleventh birthday (I know!) and then he just runs away and leaves his nephew to face the evil of the Ring alone (I still like you though Bilbo!). When you think he would be saved but Gandalf leaves too, so of course Frodo has to leave the Shire on his own with Sam and his cousins for company. Great! Leave the little Hobbits to go to the next town with no adults supervision! (yes I know they’re not little but I still see them as my babies!)

The chapters where the Hobbits are leaving the Shire are bone-chilling. They’re being followed by a mysterious hooded figure and the way those scenes are described is scary and awesome. I don’t know about the rest of the Ringers but that part really creeped me out and those chapters also became my favorite in the story.

Then there was the part in the caves (halls of Moria) where they encounter a demon of the underworld. That thing was really interesting and I would love to find out more about our dear old Balrog. It was a sad part also because 1) we meet a lot of dead people (well sort of people anyway) and 2) we lose someone from the company.

Frodo’s character is likable but I, personally, still prefer Bilbo. I can’t explain it but Frodo annoys me. Not the other characters (even the villains).

Tolkien’s description of the scenery and characters, as I stated in my review of The Hobbit, is astounding. Sure it can be complicated but it’s also rich in information. The names of characters and places and pretty difficult to remember but that adds more to the fun. And like every fantasy story Tolkien had sketched an amazing map to go with the journey of the Fellowship.

Looking forward to reading the rest of the series and hoping to read more of Mr. Tolkien’s work!!


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