Thirteen Reasons Why


Ratings: 4/5 ★

“No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people.”

13 Reasons Why is a story of a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide because of mental illness. Before doing that she leaves 7 cassettes to the people she knew and claims to be responsible for her death. She lists thirteen reasons in them to tell them why she killed herself.

The story starts with Clay who was a classmate of Hannah. He was in love with Hannah and couldn’t understand why she would be blaming him for her death. But that’s for you to discover when you read the book. One of the best thing was that Hannah sends out a map along with the cassettes where she has marked all the locations mentioned in her story. I suppose she wanted to give the feeling of actually being there with her to the people hearing. It was a clever thing to do because Clay gets to meet people on the way and it was quite enjoyable instead of just sitting in the bedroom or walking around the house.

Let’s talk about the show:

Netflix did a great job in adapting this book but the show is highly triggering. It is hurtful and will leave you in a very bad state after the end. In the book we see the people mentioned the cassettes highly effected by Hannah’s story (or some people anyway), but Netflix rarely shows that. I, personally, really liked the show but there were a number of things that shouldn’t be shown on screen. Stuff like those should be kept to the pages of a book. I know that books also affect people but this book is not as pronounced as the show. If you can’t or don’t want to see stuff like: Sexual harassment, suicide, rape, depression, bullying and other disturbing things I highly recommend you stay away from that show. You can read the book if you want because it’s not triggering like the show and you can definitely watch Beyond the Reasons because that gives a very good message. The cast of the show is perfect, so is the story line and I think they did a great job by adding extra stuff but the fact remains that that show is not good for every person.

There are a number of people who can relate to Hannah. People suffering from mental illness. People who want to reach out to someone but can’t because no one is there to listen or they just don’t know who to trust or confined in. Hannah suffered so much throughout the book and no one saw. No one noticed. She was bullied, she was harassed and in the end she’d had enough and so she gave up. This brings us to the supervision of adults. Shouldn’t adult be responsible for that? Nowhere in the book it says that Hannah was saved by an adult. That is one of the lesson to be learned.

Mental illness is one of the huge issue in our society and we are not taking the steps we should be taking in order to help those people suffering from it. To be honest, either the diseases are ignored or the people. In fact they’re told to ‘get over it’ which in my opinion is the most cowardly thing to say to someone. Hundreds of people commit suicide because of mental illness. I used to wonder how and why people suffer from depression unless I also went through that and then I realize how not so easy it is. In fact it’s horrible and leaves a permanent mark. I’m not suffering now but those feelings still haunt me.


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